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The genius of America

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Reading that people have been queuing up in New Hampshire just to catch a glimpse of the Obama phenomenon, and coming away saying ‘there’s the next president of the United States’ (see the Washington Post here); and reading of a university graduate who has been tracking Obama since he gave a speech to the Democratic Convention in 2004 – I tracked down the 2004 speech.

Watching it now, it’s easy to imagine that, if Obama had been on the campaign trail for Kerry, instead of Kerry, there would have been no contest against Bush back then.

I pity Obama’s rivals on both sides of the political fence. Give up now I say. They’re in for a pounding… if, that is, the money and all the attack ads that will get increasingly aired over the coming weeks and months don’t choke the populus to death on the US political system’s own, contorted sickness.

I can’t see Hilary Clinton being able to have this effect. I got the sense the crowd didn’t quite know what had hit them.

Obama’s a fabulous communicator, and good storyteller, as all the best politicians and activists and those who’ve achieved change have been. He’ll need to clarify his hand gesturing a bit, but basically, he’s taking America and hopefully the world in a whole new direction.

For those interested in the art, craft and science of communication, I’d say his performance lays the predominant communication model of information transfer (see my theoretical thoughts on communication here) to rest. And for further proof as to why this model doesn’t work, watch this tongue-in-cheek video by the Washington Post on the effect, on people’s enthusiasm, of the information-transfer model employed by Hilary Clinton in her flagging New Hampshire campaign. Too bad.


Here’s how Newsweek summed up Obama, looking at the pros and cons of both Republican and Democratic Candidates –

Bottom Line
A roll of the dice, but the only one with a decent chance for a landslide.