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The view from my window

Friday, July 11, 2008

Featured on Andrew Sullivan’s The Daily Dish, one of the more influential blogs in US politics; Sullivan is also a regular columnist for The Sunday Times.


London lights – three photos, one day

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Covent Garden

At the London Transport Museum

Light Sculpture at the Royal Festival Hall

Happy Christmas to all from Sumptuous World!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Well, it’s always worth injecting a little bonhomie at this time of year – and, might I add, to mark exactly eight months of Sumptuous World.

So here are some photos from my recent trip to the heart of Germany, where they remember how to celebrate Christmas well: every town and city will have its winter, Christmas market (where people will gather after dark for some outdoor, winter socialising, as well as shopping) – like this one from Goslar, on the edge of the Harz mountains (think Brothers Grimm) –

… where many town halls are converted into giant advent calendars –

… and where the old can be blended with the new in effective ways –

(Jetzt means now.) This last pic is from a central church in the old Hanseatic port city of Lubeck.

I am very ignorant of the treasures of Germany, which is unsurprising. For more than one reason, the place and its people have received a bad press. And what with the iron curtain, much of what was in the former eastern bloc was unknown to even the younger generations in west Germany; for example, at school they weren’t taught sister place names across the border, regardless of ancestral ties. I had no idea about streets like these, conveyed by my lovely assistant, Marion –

The corner building on the left side, with its door lanterns, is a pub built in 1573, and has gold-painted inscriptions that wrap around its corner; they say something like, may all who enter and leave this place be blessed by God. The brick and timber house, just behind the lovely lady, was a gem we happily chanced upon: the 1693 home of Hans Siemens, forebear of the electronic-engineering empire. I say happily because the company and its founding family have a close connection with my own family history.

Unsurprisingly, cities and towns like these have been anointed World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. (I’d heartily recommend visiting Quedlinberg, not just for their Christmas market – the medieval houses have their own courtyards, that the owners of which give over to craft stalls, mulled-wine sellers and the occasional wild boar being turned on a spit. Let me know if you’d like the address of a lovely apartment in the old city centre, in one such courtyard.)

So, as another year comes to an end, have a very happy, and special, Christmas.

Just for a parting note, here’s a silly quiz (courtesy of Treehugger); nothing to do with the season, but at least it nicely lays out the sumptuousness of this world we’re part of, what goes into things, and what people are capable of. And, of course, it continues the German theme already enunciated –

Is this a picture of:
a) what mechanics have nightmares about;
b) a college prank perpetrated by extremely determined students at the local Polytech;
c) a commercial for VW circa 1980-something;
d) the only way to really find those sunglasses you lost;
e) what engineers see in their heads every time we designers show them a simple concept sketch;
f) at least 562 reasons why we prefer to bicycle, or, why we’d rather say “Solvitur Ambulando” than “Vroom vroom”?
Via Core77

… and a Sumptuous New Year to you and yours!

Sometimes a picture gives its taker pleasure

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Magical treetops

Bergh Apton Conservation Trust woodland, Norfolk, UK.

Nearly an Impressionist painting

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ethereal treetops

Norfolk, UK.

Cricket-bat willows

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mystical willows

Norfolk, UK.

Barefoot autumn-forest walking

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I find it endearing that, when rural and left to our own devices, humans are more likely to meander –

field track

Pictures taken with my mobile phone’s camera in the Ashdown Forest (Winnie-the-Pooh country) on Friday – where we walked barefoot – and doctored with Apple Mac’s Preview application. The air was fresh, the ground was cold, and the silvery, clay soil was very wet and muddy in places. Lush.

ashdown forest

confluence of things

Urban night walking

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Pictures taken on an evening walk through North London this evening (beginning with Daniel Liebskind’s Metropolitan University building).

Kitchen apple

Saturday, September 29, 2007

When I bought my flat, there was very little to dance with joy about regarding its kitchen, save the light, airy space (for an idea, see here). So I set to the drawing board with a little help, arrived at a scheme, and had it completed just in time for a family, Christmas Eve meal – they liked it (the kitchen, that is). It’s turned out to be a jewel in the crown of my property-development career. A friend visiting said, if ever you need a job, invite your future employer here and ’nuff said’ – the flat would be sufficient as an interview. Nice of him…

Well, I’ve at last got round to installing a picture above my cooker – a print-out (on multiple sheets of A4) from a scanned-in postcard of a painting by Sir Terry Frost. Having ordered some toughened glass to put it behind, and the glazier providing some silicon-gel glue free of charge to stick it, I needed a way of holding the picture in place against the wall whilst it dried – I had to rush out so couldn’t stand there holding it myself.

This is the solution I arrived at: table leg secures ladder; ladder wedges in bread board; bread board weighs against glass –

Et voilĂ : one nice apple picture to complete what was an empty space. (The kitchen scheme was based on the green out- and white in-side of an apple.)

The camera lens, by the way, has distorted the straight lines of the wall-mounted shelves.