Slay that dragon, Obama!

Maureen Dowd writing in the NY Times

The relentless Hillary has been the reticent Obama’s tutor in the Political School for Scandal. He is learning how to take a punch and give one back. When she presents her mythic narrative, the dragon she has slain is the Republican attack machine. Obama told me he doesn’t think about mythic narratives, and Tuesday night in Chicago he was reaching up for “a hymn that will heal this nation and repair the world.”

But, if he wants to be president, he will still have to slay the dragon. And his dragon is the Clinton attack machine, which emerged Tuesday night, not invincible but breathing fire.

(Article courtesy of Memex 1.1.)


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One Response to “Slay that dragon, Obama!”

  1. Marion Says:

    Millions of people long for a different way of doing politics, as, first of all, they long for a different way of life. But will such change come about through the election of a supposedly untainted, scarless dreamer? Maybe. I deeply hope it will. But in my eyes, a much more powerful witness to real change would consist in the metasis of the one who bears the scars of political life. Mrs Clinton’s admirable ability to confront her suffering at the hands of political opponents, the press, and, last but not least, her own husband with sheer determination and realistic idealism makes me think that the time for Saint George is yet to come. When it comes to betting my money on the person most likely to bring about change in the real world of Washington, I would say the odds are in favour of not a saint but a fallen human being who is still determined to work hard for the common good. Mrs Clinton may not offer a fairy tale dream – but she is someone modern women who live in the real world can identify with and feel inspired by. Go Hilary, wear those trousers!

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