Bureaucratic management vs. visionary leader: America, you choose the medicine!

Yet more evidence of Obama’s suitability for the presidential role; see also here (and here on campaign financing).

In the clip from last night’s Nevada democratic debate, Clinton underlines the importance of holding people accountable when managing a bureaucracy, whilst Obama weighs this skill up alongside that of bringing people together and inspiring them toward things constructive. Their responses makes me think Andrew Sullivan got it right in his analysis.

Obama seems to have taken a leaf out of Sir Geoffrey Vickers’ book (or is it Peter Checkland?), who advised that, when making decisions amidst complexity – of the kind that is politics – it is better to sweep in as varied a number of perspectives as is possible at the outset, however peripheral they might seem, so as to ensure robust and grounded decisions emerge. Obama is talking this language, the language of systems practice, moreso than Clinton. Hence, Obama’s my man.


One Response to “Bureaucratic management vs. visionary leader: America, you choose the medicine!”

  1. maryblu Says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Obama has to tell the people more on HOW he will accomplish things. Many do not understand the importance of being able to bring conflicting ideals togther to work for the good of all. They want to know the mechanics of how, such as funding, etc. The people need to know that big business and the general public have to work together to accomplish these things. Obama is the only one that can do this imho.


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