Having and finding one’s voice

It begs the question – if Hillary Clinton has taken thirty five years to find her voice, then who or what has been doing all her talking up until January 2008?


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4 Responses to “Having and finding one’s voice”

  1. Jason Says:

    Obviously, she’s been listening to pollsters and PR people. The same people that the Clinton’s always listen to. I am a registered Repub and maybe I’m biased, but did anyone notice that Hillary’s speeches and those of her husband in the last two days in New Hampshire sounded as if they thought that America owed them this nomination and this second shot at the Presidency. How lucky we are to have them 🙂

    Shame on the voters of New Hampshire (perhaps especially New Hampshire’s women) for falling for that “nearly tearful” routine of Clinton’s on Monday. That kind of ploy tactic to win and election is in very bad taste. I can’t believe that so many people thought it was real; just like the now infamous cackle, I suppose.

  2. drfrank Says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Jason.

  3. slivermoon22 Says:

    I repeat: women did not vote for Hillary in large numbers. It’s a lie.

    Oh well.

  4. drfrank Says:

    Hello silvermoon22.

    I understand that women made up 57% of the Democratic vote, and of those, 46% voted for Clinton compared to 34% for Obama. Sounds significant to me.

    Why, by the way, has your blog been suspended by WordPress for violating their terms and conditions?

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