So who will be Obama’s running mate? Why, Gore, of course

I share Janet Daley’s prediction, published in the Telegraph, about the parties’ nominated presidential candidates. But where I disagree is with her assumption that an older politician with experience as his vice presidential candidate will necessarily drag Obama down –

[…] Barack Obama will become the Democratic nominee. His party will not be able to bring itself to turn down the possibility of choosing the first black presidential candidate, when he is so clearly able and charismatic. To reject him would seem to be cowardly and reactionary. (One observation I have not heard anyone make is that Hillary has lost a major Clinton advantage: her husband was far and away the most popular candidate with black voters in the North and the South. Now those voters have one of their own to support so they do not need Bill-by-other-means.) Obama will then choose a considerably older, more seasoned vice-presidential running mate (but not Hillary) in an attempt to counter his lack of experience.

John McCain will win the Republican nomination and he will choose a social conservative (but not Huckabee) as his running mate. There will be a civilised and edifying contest between Obama and McCain – both exceptionally articulate men – which will itself be politically valuable: helping to restore America’s confidence at home and its image in the world, as well as making life exceedingly difficult for the European Left for whom anti-Americanism is the last hurrah. But for all the inspirational value of his candidacy, Obama will not win the presidency: America will have been made to feel sufficiently good about itself simply by his nomination and the way it responds to him as a candidate not to feel the need to put him in the White House.

The popular, if not the electoral college, vote will be close but America will decide that in such dangerous times, it must choose the wise older leader, the war hero, the statesman who talks about foreign policy and national security with real authority.

(Thanks to Memex 1.1 for the link.)

As a running mate, Gore will be a no-brainer – if, of course, he accepts any invitation offered him. It would certainly give him something useful to do, now he’s twiddling his thumbs earning packets on the international lecture circuit. Together they’d sweep the board.

As it happens, the question was asked by an audience member in a debate back in October.


Of course, another, perhaps more attractive, running mate would be Hillary. But could she stomach it?


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19 Responses to “So who will be Obama’s running mate? Why, Gore, of course”

  1. Steve C Says:

    Gore?? You have got to be kidding me – more boring than Hillary, and LOST an election to George W Bush, of all people, that should have been a blowout. Talk about Barack putting his campaign at risk and showing bad judgment.

    I like to think Gore’s come around to some realization that he’s much better at the uber-wonk gig than politics. If so he deserves credit.

  2. drfrank Says:

    Fair point. But Gore wouldn’t be running for the presidency. Would he need to be exciting if running for vice president? I’m not an American, and neither do I live in America, but I had thought that Gore still holds people’s respect given that – I thought it was widely acknowledged – he won the popular vote in 2000?

  3. 2008voter Says:

    do not be Gore should be running for a chief meteorologist of the country?
    such a shame that we do not elect our meteorologists i

  4. The Times’ Finkelstein latches on to idea for Obama’s VP « Sumptuous World Says:

    […] Finkelstein has caught wind of the idea for Obama to invite Al Gore to be his running mate, an idea I penned eight days ago. Here is his reasoning – 10 reasons for Obama to pick Al Gore as his running […]

  5. bhguog2 Says:

    Obviously you people don’t study constitutional law. The 20th and 22nd amendments forbid a vice-president or president from attaining office for a 3rd time. Thus the Gore possibility is a moot point.

  6. Carol Says:

    Virginian Senator Jim Webb would be an ideal running mate. VERY experienced in Washington and admired by both parties. Decorated Vietnam Marine and an advocate for veterans – he’s got my vote.

  7. andrew ray Says:

    John Edwards would make an ideal choice. Obama will not pick another african american, or women to run on his ticket. The idea of an african american getting the nomination is a radical choice already, so another hillary or obama would not balance out the ticket. He will go with a traditional white democrat from the south— John edwards. Edwards is out of the race, but many experts say he is the only electable politician in this entire race, so you better believe the obama people remember those statements.

  8. Bill Says:

    It will be Richardson. Obama needs somebody older. He needs somebody with experience. He needs somebody to bring in the Latino vote. Richardson will endorse Obama this week. He will be the running mate.

  9. purloinedcoin Says:

    I tend to think Richardson is one of the top possibilities like Bill Says, just can’t imagine him endorsing Obama before the nomination process is clearly over… remember him in Hillary’s corner during the debates? I think Obama/Richardson would be a great ticket however

  10. Dan1967 Says:

    Barack Obama has a great chance of winning the presidency! Look at the new state by state polls at:

    Barack Obama leads McCain by 51 to 45% in Virginia, he leads McCain 49 to 42% in Missouri, and he leads McCain 55 to 40% in New Mexico. Those are swing states that the Democrats rarely win. Obama also has a 13% lead in New Hampshire, a 12% lead in Nevada, and a 7% lead in Colorado according to polls at

    Those are a total 6 swing states that Barack Obama has a very good chance of winning for a total of 47 electoral votes. Barack could lose both Ohio and Florida (Ohio and Florida have a total of 47 electoral votes) and still win the Presidency. Barack Obama has a 3% lead in Ohio in the new state by state polls at:

    Vote for Barack Obama in the upcoming primary’s in Texas and Ohio, and let’s get a Democrat victory in November!

  11. Influencing the conversation: Gore’s self-funded ad blitz « Sumptuous World Says:

    […] many are envisaging Gore as a possible bridge between the Democratic party and the White House. What did I say? I still maintain, though, that Obama should be at the top of the […]

  12. Marion Says:

    Why would Al Gore make a good running mate for Obama? Well, let me think: he won the popular vote in the 2000 elections, his Peace Nobel Price puts him up there with the likes of Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan and Jimmy Carter, and his Oscar win made him steal the limelight from ex-running mate Bill Clinton. But if the slogan is true that Hilary is a PC, and Barak an Apple, maybe a director of Apple Inc. (like Al) might fit the bill?

  13. RC Says:

    Actually Steve C….Gore DID win aganst Bush in 2000. He received over half a million more votes. Bush was just handed the presidency because of a flawed, outdated system that does not work in the modern day.

    I personally think that Hillary would be the smartest choice as running mate. They are both charismatic icons that would definitly make a powerful team, and could really lift this country out of the whole that Bush put it in.

  14. Bishop490 Says:

    bhguog2 has the right idea, perhaps he would make a good VP (again) but you can not have a thrid term under constitutional law. This is why we have the electoral college, to prevent dumb people like you guys thing they know what they are talking about.

  15. Bishop490 Says:

    RC, listen read the comments above and tell me that we do not need a electoral college, do you even understand the concept? People who are not educated enough such as you, have no idea what they are talking about. Hillary and obama will just lead to trouble, because of what they plant to do. There is a down to every thing. All these things like the health care and all that jazz, has to come from somewhere. Where you ask? Your pockets, your checkbooks etc. They will make you pay because some bum will not get off his but and go get a job, so he can have health insurance for his family. The american dream right? Get what you want for no work at all? I thought it was work your ass off until you get what you want.

  16. Thomas Butler Says:

    Al Gore had no desire to run, or be president. Now, you are saying he would like to be vice-president, again; when he has made no statement regarding this matter that would support your argument. I agree it would be a fantastic choice for Obama, but the fact remains, that it is not a choice for Obama.

  17. Wendi Says:

    What about Joe Biden? I know he is not well know, but very seasoned and as far as issues go he and Obama were very close when taking the survey tests. He is very involved in the war issues and would balance out Obama with experience and age. Both very smart men.

  18. josh Says:

    I think Colin Powell would be a great vice president.

  19. Michael Says:

    Hmmmmm. Interesting, in hindsight.

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