Go Obama!

Well, I don’t know about you, but I was drawn in to the beginning of the 2008 US presidential election. Being a few hours ahead of the US in London didn’t stop me from watching the results in Iowa roll in, and the eventual concessionary and victory speeches that culminated, online. Huckabee, then Romney for the Republicans; Edwards, then Clinton and finally Obama for the Democrats responded to the results.

I’m fairly naive politically, but the emotions and rhetoric on display gave me food for thought. Huckabee, the Republican’s surprise winner, strikes me as a good, likeable guy (his podium banner read ‘I like Mike’) but he’s perhaps a bit too straightforward. Edwards waffled on, whilst Romney and Clinton squirmed, the latter acknowledging the results heralded a desire for a change in political atmosphere (perhaps more than for another political animal). McCain wasn’t around for the result, waiting in the wings for a potentially more positive result in the next state in the diary, New Hampshire. The candidate who came out ahead for me was the Democrat, Obama – and I don’t just mean the statistics. An astute, measured campaign, and seemingly authentic vision, gives him something of a JFK aura, of a once-in-a-generation politician. If that’s the case, Americans should look after and support him, because it’s not just America that needs inspiration, aspiration and a steady hand.

You can find useful videos of Obama and all the other candidates at the New York Times site here (click on the Politics Channel in the bottom left column to reveal a more detailed video menu. I was particularly struck by the senate footage of Obama’s committee response to General Petraeus’ report on progress in Iraq: ‘Obama questions Petraeus’. Refraining from using his seven minutes as a question and answer session, he took the opportunity to offer his penny’s worth, an offering which hints at systemic thinking. Interesting).

Sometimes it’s uplifting, and a welcome distraction, to be able to share in another country’s politics. Let’s hope, whatever the eventual 2008 US election result, it’s good for people, the future and the planet. Happy New Year.


One Response to “Go Obama!”

  1. archanaraghuram Says:

    I watched the results too. It was early in the morning India time.
    I had watched the Youtube debates on CNN a few months back and I had never heard of Obama until I watched the debate. I was hugely impressed. He came across as straightforward, dignified and intelligent. Hillary completely lacked spontaneity. All her responses felt practiced.
    After this debate, I was discussing with my friends on Hillary Vs Obama. Both of them felt Hillary would be a better choice for the president since if she wins we will get two presidents in the place of one. However, there is a question of whether Obama can win the presidential elections. First of all there is race, secondly, his father is supposed to be a Muslim and he is a converted Christian. In today’s low trust environment towards Muslims, I wonder if this will have an influence on the voting patterns.

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