Poetry in motion – a natural phenomenon for our times

There’s no commentary associated with this amateur footage, published on BBC Online, focusing on (or trying to!) the incredible waves performed by a flock of starlings – perhaps for the sheer joy of flight and community. How do you think they communicate their sudden harmonious changes of direction with each other?

Update – link has apparently gone bad.


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5 Responses to “Poetry in motion – a natural phenomenon for our times”

  1. picturepost Says:

    Link appears to be broken btw 🙂

  2. drfrank Says:

    shame – i can’t relocate the footage.

  3. picturepost Says:

    Rupert Sheldrake and others believe there are mechanisms as yet unrecognised by mainstream science – based on the existence of a field. I read a very interesting book called ‘The Field’ by a woman called Lynne McTaggart, who has since become something of a new age cottage industry, but it’s a fascinating read and her work has been endorsed by Arthur C. Clarke no less.


  4. drfrank Says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. Seems like you have an enticing book shelf. I’d go along with the idea that there are psychic forces, and fields that connect everything. And there’s few more visual examples of this than the flocking of starlings…

  5. picturepost Says:

    This is quite an interesting podcast on the subject (approx 10 mins):


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