Proclaiming the fate

From Desmog

Of the 126 million votes cast in the last presidential election, 24% of voters identified themselves as white/born again Christians, and 78% of that demographic voted Republican.

That’s a lot of people, and many (not all) are being fed a constant stream of climate change denial rhetoric.

And nobody does this better than the grand pooba of Evangelicals, James Dobson, head of the powerhouse Christian lobby group, Focus on the Family. To say Dobson holds sway, is an understatement – over $250 million in annual revenue, a daily syndicated radio show reaching 220 million a day in 164 countries and a monthly magazine with over 2 million subscribers.

And Dobson’s stand on the stewardship of our planet, on the protection of god’s green earth from what science tells us is an impending crisis on a global scale?

Deny, deny, deny.

James Dobson seems to rely on some dodgy, corporate-oil-funded ‘research’ for his view that scientists aren’t convinced about global warming…


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