Important news

There’s a pending world food crisis. This from the Director of the United Nations Word Food Programme –

There are 854 million hungry people in the world and 4 million more join their ranks every year. We are facing the tightest food supplies in recent history. For the world’s most vulnerable, food is simply being priced out of their reach.

Political instability is, excuse the pun, cropping up throughout the world owing to food shortages, farmers switching to biofuel production, and global warming. Read on here.

This from the World Food Programme’s website, which shows just how much learning there was to be done on an organisational level from its first days in the late C20th –

Scheduled to go into operation in 1963 as a three-year experimental programme, WFP was up and running before it could walk. An earthquake hit Iran in September 1962, followed by a hurricane in Thailand in October. Newly independent Algeria was resettling 5 million refugees. Food aid was urgently needed and WFP supplied it. It has never stopped.


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One Response to “Important news”

  1. archanaraghuram Says:

    854 Million, my god is more than 3 times the population of US. Does it mean almost one in 8 people on this earth is without food!!!!

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