For the nation’s safe-keeping

This from today’s BBC news about the National Trust’s AGM (I wrote about the evolution of this wonderful organisation previously) –

Sir William is expected to tell the meeting in London that the building programme would amount to a gradual destruction of the countryside.

His comments will come a week after an independent body set up to advise ministers on new homes, said that even the government’s projected 3m figure would not be enough to meet the demand for new homes.

Sir William will ask those at the meeting for suggestions on where the new homes should be built.

He is also expected to ask members if The National Trust, which has an annual income of £350m, should buy up green-belt areas to protect them or rely on the planning system to do so.

“In the planning process I am not sure the value of the spiritual side and the beauty of landscape and its importance on the quality of life rather than the financial gain is taken into account,” Sir William said.

The National Trust has plans to challenge new developments and intervene in planning inquiries, even if it is not directly involved with the land being targeted for development.

The move echoes the earliest origins of the organisation [which was founded in the spirit of the movement to protect common property and land].


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