There’s life in politics yet

Seems like there’s semblance of Life with a capital ‘L’ in politics, and politicians, after all. The following excerpts come from the press over the battle for the leadership of the third party in UK politics, the Liberal Democrats. Although currently marginal, their leadership contest could have significant knock-on effects on the other two, main parties, the Tories and what was renamed ‘New’ Labour under bleary Blair. The first from the Guardian

Nick Clegg, the odds-on favourite to become Liberal Democrat leader, yesterday announced that he will break the law and refuse to provide details of his identity if the government presses ahead with plans to make ID cards compulsory.

Drawing a parallel with resistance to the poll tax, he said he would also urge his fellow MPs and Lib Dem councils not to cooperate. Under the existing law, many British citizens will have their details voluntarily placed on to the ID card database when they apply for a passport or a driving licence.

And this, about Clegg’s leadership-contending rival, from the BBC

Mr Huhne said he would match Mr Clegg’s promise to lead a campaign against ID card legislation, pointing out that he had long promoted civil liberties.

“I don’t think it’s right that a government with 35% of the vote has a legitimate mandate to impose something so unpopular and corrosive to traditional freedoms in Britain as ID cards,” he said.

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