The Wishing Trees are go!



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2 Responses to “The Wishing Trees are go!”

  1. archanaraghuram Says:

    Very interesting, Dr.Frank. In south India, we have a similar tradition. Every temple has a tree and you can make a wish and tie it to the tree. It is believed that your wish will come true. The tree is as much reviered as the deity in the temple.

  2. drfrank Says:

    Thank you, Archana.

    As a friend was telling me today, trees are living things that begin in the ground, and grow, stretching both deeper down into the dark earth and higher into the sky. You could say they connect heaven and earth, and in this are wholly aspirational. I’m not surprised people mark their wishes outdoors of the temple sanctuary, just as much as they burn incense indoors. The winds help to circulate the wish. Further north, in the Himalayas, people will erect prayer flags at mountain passes – giving thanks for safe journeys; the Buddhist cultures there believe the ‘wind horses’ will carry the wishes to the gods.

    In the west of Britain, particularly, we have many old, sacred wells and groves where people will tie their wishes and prayers to the trees. And someone was telling me, the other day when on their run, they encountered a fresh and colourful wishing tree, bursting with hundreds of wishes, on Hampstead Heath – i.e. a London public park!

    It goes without saying, feel free to visit website and leave a wish. And maybe you’d like to tell friends about it and facilitate some online wishing connections between Bangalore and eastern England!

    Wish wisely, and may your wishes come true.

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