Feel good world news III – science and faith

Climate scientists say mankind is on the path for soaring temperatures that will melt polar ice sheets, raise seas to dangerous levels, and trigger mass extinctions. But they say the most catastrophic of consequences can and will be avoided.

They have hope. So should you, [Professor Michael – no relation of the film director as far as I know] Mann said.

“Sometimes we fear that we are delivering too morose a message and not conveying enough that there is reason for optimism,” Mann said.

Mann is not alone in laughing, even though the news he delivers could make people cry.

“It’s hard at times,” said University of Victoria climate scientist Andrew Weaver. “You can’t give up hope because what else is there in life if you give up hope? When you give up hope, that’s quitting and scientists don’t like to quit.”

That optimism is based on science and faith.

The science, Mann said, is because climate researchers are sure of one thing that the public isn’t: The numbers show that there is still time to avert the worst.

NASA’s James Hansen, who forecasts some of the bleakest outlooks on global warming, said in an e-mail: “I am always surprised when people get depressed rather than energized to do something. It’s not too late to stabilize climate.”

“I am not about to give up,” Hansen wrote. He has hope, he says, because he has grandchildren.

The scientists say the public now understands how bad the problem is. So these researchers have faith that society will rally in time.

Maybe not so feel good – more like feels very, very tight! – but optimism usually generates more optimism, hence the title for this post! Article published by the Environmental News Network, courtesy of Desmog.


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One Response to “Feel good world news III – science and faith”

  1. Ace Says:

    The Proverbs in Scripture tell us that “hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes it is a tree of life.” We can’t give up hope…. whether we’re a scientist or not. Hope is what ignites our faith.

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