Feel good world news II

Yet more evidence that environmental issues and sustainable development can bring people together across very deep divides. This from Israel21C

Scientists from Israel and 13 other Middle Eastern countries will search for solutions to common environmental issues that defy geopolitical barriers when they join forces in December for the third in a series of precedent-setting conferences. The five-day conference will take place in Istanbul, Turkey, on a date embargoed for security reasons, and is expected to attract over 76 chemical scientists along with seven Nobel laureates. Nations that plan to take part are Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, the Palestinian Authority, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. The conference, titled “Frontiers of Chemical Sciences III: Research and Education in the Middle East – A Bridge to Peace,” will take the form of a series of workshops intended to foster collaborative Solutions. Participants will work together to address global environmental issues such as greenhouse gases, climate change and water and air quality. The first two conferences were held in Malta in 2003 and 2005. Malta III is sponsored by UNESCO, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, the American Chemical Society, the UK’s Royal Society of Chemistry, the German Chemical Society, and Columbia College, Chicago.

And this from Treehugger

“Despite our nations’ political differences, we are bound by our allegiance to science as holding the answers to many problems that transcend borders,” says Zafra M. Lerman, head of the Institute for Science Education and Science Communication at Columbia College Chicago, who conceived and organizes the conference. “The conference continues to grow in stature as a model of what the scientific community can achieve when we work together.”


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One Response to “Feel good world news II”

  1. kip Says:

    This is great news. Finally, something positive. Something to give us hope for the future.

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