Handmade as lovely – or lowly?

I’ve been trying to do handmade eco friendly gifts for people, so when my dad’s birthday came around, I hand knit a cap and scarf for him from some wool a friend had spun for me from her own sheep. Instead of being pleased, he was really upset – almost furious. He had grown up very poor, and to him a hand made item of clothing was a badge of shame. He was upset that I didn’t “want to spend money to buy something worthwhile”.

– a comment by ‘Greenmom’, left in response to No Impact Man’s blog post about the possibility of change. Given mass production has tended to degrade the value we place on, and our relationships with, things, I found this comment – sad, yes – but surprising too.


2 Responses to “Handmade as lovely – or lowly?”

  1. peter donegan MI Hort Says:

    with no disrespect to your story, Dad’s are Dads and all and every one has a trait or tale of woe that makes them think different to the next…. Next year – simple – a tree!
    best of luck

  2. archanaraghuram Says:

    Very insightful. It is really sad that we measure love with a price tag. I would, any day prefer someone spending time for me rather than money.

    My mom still treasures the “book of quotes”, I made of her when I was in school.

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