Crouching Nude

Taken with my mobile phone’s camera – they didn’t sell a postcard of it at the Estorick Collection, to where I ambled for lunch yesterday.

The collection is very manageable and well chosen (with a nice cafe); I didn’t come out with a sense of cultural indigestion! It’s dedicated to C20th Italian art, particularly the Futurists, a group of early C20th artists and writers who gloried in the great industrial technologies that were transforming European landscapes and lives at the time: electricity, cars, machines, speed etc. Their founder, the poet Filippo Marinetti, wished to do away with the old – including museums and galleries, ironically! Little did he realise that his vision would become so devastatingly realised with the First and Second World Wars.

I liked this sculpture, by Emilio Greco. Its simple classicism stood out for me from the Cubist-inspired Futurist paintings, with all their technicolour, ‘divisionist’ shards of mechanised movement. She seems so vulnerable, crouching, protecting herself – as if from C20th onslaughts – with slight hands and fingers splayed like growing twigs.


One Response to “Crouching Nude”

  1. Marion Says:

    OOOps, I have to rush off to work without shower and breakfast now! This picture is absolutely captivating and made me lose all sense of time; must have gazed at it for nearly an hour … nice picture; thanks.

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