The ‘electric pocket rocket’

Nice piece of writing about the Tesla electric car –

[…] The Tesla Motors folks are among the pitch people working the Society of Environmental Journalists conference, trying to convince these most skeptical reporters that the car has a future in a sustainable world. It’s a hard, and sometimes boring prospect when you hear it from somebody peddling a Ford Hybrid. But the Tesla, a 0-60 mph-in-four-seconds, pure-electric pocket rocket, might just make you a believer. In 20 exhilarating minutes, it sure worked for me.

The car is Lotus-like – no accident, since the makers have taken heavily from Lotus design and the Lotus company is actually looking after assembly. Under 2,700 pounds (900 of which is battery), and boasting 250 horse power, the car is ridiculously fleet and fabulously sure-footed. Perhaps best of all, from a driving perspective, the power delivery is smooth as silk, from standstill to at least 65 mph without a single shift. And it’s just as torquey at 60 as my Cooper convertible is when I drop the clutch at a stop light.

There are, of course, lots of environmentally correct reasons to be critical of our car obsession. […]

– by the self-confessed ‘car nut with a conscience’, Richard Littlemore, at Desmog Blog. (This in the week that Norway proclaimed that no car can be considered either clean or green.)


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