Sunburst on a Kerala tea plantation, South India

This picture wasn’t taken by me – but was as good as. Pounding the hill road in a chauffeur-driven car early last year, I screamed ‘Stooppp!!’ because of the scene I saw out of the corner of my eye. So I feel some ownership over the picture, even though it wasn’t my finger that pressed the shutter nor my camera that captured it. Without my intervention, the picture wouldn’t have been taken and the moment would have been lost. It was especially gratifying that the photograph was used in publicity material for the organisation I was working for at the time. I’ve at last dug it up from my computer, having been meaning to ‘share’ (or should that be ‘distribute on behalf of the photographer’?) it for some time. I was reminded to upload it when I saw these gorgeous pictures by Chris Blackmore on her epic walk through Cumbria in northern England, UK.


One Response to “Sunburst on a Kerala tea plantation, South India”

  1. Chris Says:

    Fantastic picture!

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