This thinning road-cum-field III

As if right on cue…

Consumers are likely to be hit by price rises for meat and dairy products as the Far East competes with the West for stocks, market analysts claim.

Farmers are facing increasing costs for livestock feed and the supermarkets will, sooner or later, pass the increases on to the consumer, according to Deloitte & Touche LLP.

Prices for livestock feed are being forced up by poor harvests, demands from the biofuel industry and rapidly rising consumption in Asia. The rising costs of feed have been compounded in Britain by the summer floods, the poor weather and the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease that have damaged crops, reduced yields and halted meat exports.

Increased demand for grain and meat worldwide has been led by China and India, where consumers have more money to spend on foodstuffs because of their expanding economies.

Demand for dairy products has also been rising, particularly in China, and in Britain milk prices could rise as farmers turn to supplying the powdered milk export market.

– from the beginning of an article in today’s Times.


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