Building where the sun don’t shine

If I had my millions, lived in a part of London where there are strict conservation laws, and couldn’t think of better things to do with my money, I’d probably enjoy building underground. Apparently, the uber-rich are doing just this, sometimes digging fifty feet below their Georgian mansions, and propping up the original house with steel stilts. Et voilĂ , listed-building headaches avoided! Installations of choice include tennis courts and swimming pools with adjustable depths – paddling pools for the kids transforming to diving pools by nifty hydraulics. And for the really lazy swimmer, there’s even a home in north London that

has a bespoke chute covered in a special slippery paint, which enables the owner, who loves swimming first thing in the morning, but hates the fuss of dressing, to step out of bed and slide straight into the water a couple of storeys below.

Article in the Times, courtesy of BLDGBLOG. (Mind you, isn’t the water table in London supposed to be rising a rate of about 3cm a year? don’t quote me on that. If city, subterranean living isn’t your kind of thing, and you’ve got enough dosh to stick two fingers up at rising sea levels, you could always buy a Fijian island on eBay. Bye bye.)


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