Nuclear in hot water

“We’re going to have to solve the climate-change problem if we’re going to have nuclear power, not the other way around,” said David Lochbaum, a nuclear engineer.

The quote, from an article in the International Herald Tribune published in May, caught my eye because the US’ largest public utility, the Tennessee Valley Authority, had to shut down one of its reactors owing to the temperature of its cooling water. According to Thursday’s Houston Chronicle, a blistering heatwave has led to water that’s usually drawn from the Tennessee river for cooling the reactors being too hot. ‘”We don’t believe we’ve ever shut down a nuclear unit because of river temperature,” said John Moulton, spokesman for the Knoxville, Tennessee-based utility.’ Via Treehugger.


One Response to “Nuclear in hot water”

  1. freeluncher Says:

    well, whatdyaknow? A nuclear engineer says nuclear power is not the answer to climate change. This IS news. Thanks for sharing.

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