The Fool Effect’s ‘9 O’Clock Nose’ I

The Fool Effect take daily news items and create improvised, ‘spontaneous tomfoolery’. (Taken yesterday night with my mobile phone’s camera, in a light-depleted room.) Says their website blurb:

The Fool Effect present…. The 9 O’clock Nose……………………………… HAVE YOU GOT NEWS FOR US? The Fool Effect clowns take stories from the daily news, local and personal sources offered by their audiences each night and re-interpret them with the clown’s playfulness, irreverence and insight. The shows are an escapist feast presented with colour and style revealing another layer to the art of the clown that leaves the circus behind. The Fool Effect have been developing their improvised shows for more than a year and have all been trained in the Nose to Nose style of clowning. This gaggle of clowns bring with them a wealth of experience from touring theatre, new circus, storytelling, puppetry, mime and physical theatre, to auctioneering, DIY car mechanics, yoga, meditation, cement rendering and the making of yoghurt.

Believe it or not, Paul and Terry in this photo were evoking the news of the day about climate change tipping points – already blogged about; Terry was the ‘red-hot’ melting Greenland ice sheet! So if you’re in London without anything planned on either Friday 17th and Saturday 18th, at 9pm, I’d recommend the Fools! They’re in action at the Liberty Bar, 100 Camden High Street in North London, UK, for two more nights, tickets £7.50.

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