Consuming powers

The power consumption of today’s computers

“has rocketed. In the mid 90s when the original Pentium processor was introduced, the average computer system could work with a 130/140 watt power supply, which is much lower that it is today,” said Scott Richards of computer component manufacturer Antec. “The processor was probably 15 watts of consumption and the graphics cards was about 10 watts of consumption. Then you had your hard drive and your floppy drive, so even given the 10 or 20 percent headroom you need to operate the computer you could easily do a 130/140 watt power supply. Today we are selling power supply units at 1,200 watts.”

– Chris Long, writing on BBC Online’s Click website. If you’re hosting, or thinking of setting up, a network, and interested in how both to economise on costs as well as maximise resource efficiency, you would do well to look at the Ndiyo (meaning ‘yes’ in Swahili) Project.


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