Lavenham II

Taken with my mobile phone’s camera yesterday. Don’t quite know what happened to the chimney. (Oh, it’s the top of a tree…)


3 Responses to “Lavenham II”

  1. GrfxGuru Says:

    I would hate to try and hang a straight picture on those walls 🙂 Great photo, would actually be kinda cool to live there I think.

    Peter Witham

  2. markmeynell Says:

    love the photos – did you see my Lavenham ones?

  3. drfrank Says:

    To Mark – Thanks for the link – gorgeous – no, hadn’t seen them till now. Lavenham is an amazing gem of a place… I think helped by the fact the timbers weren’t painted balck, which, according to the notice on the door of the Guildhall, was a Victorian practice. When the timbers are treated with a lime wash, the character of the wood is able to show through and age. It makes a significant difference. I was also amazed by the exhibition in the Guildhall shop; apparently, the Tudor buildings throughout the town survived because of an economic downturn at the end of the sixteenth century. House owners became too poor to update their houses according to prevailing trends and changing fashions…

    To GrfxGuru – Yes, picture-hanging would be awkward – as would having to bend down when walking through doorways and under celiing beams, I expect!

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