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Losing faith in ‘the system’

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Two interesting people supporting the Camp for Climate Action this coming week are Mohamed Adow, who works for a Muslim organisation that helps subsistence farmers in Kenya, and Susan Kramer, MP for Richmond.

In 2005-2006, the drought killed 70% livestock in northern Kenya, and now 80% of the three million people living in the region are dependent on food aid. [Global warming] is not a future problem, it is already ruining the lives of the poor people I work with – Mohamed Adow


I’m going to get the message to BAA that opposition to airports is anything but fringe. It comes from mainstream law-abiding redisdents who have suffered long enough. My constituents are not ‘nimbies’. They live under the flight path. We’ve been protesting about Heathrow expansion for years. We have lost any faith in consultations and any expectation that our voice will be heard – Susan Kramer

Quotes from one of two good articles by John Vidal and Helen Pidd (the other about how the police will be allowed to use anti-terror laws against the protesters, giving them power to stop and search and detain for up to a month without charge – powers they’ve already used).

Kramer was a former candidate for the then-newly created post of London mayor, losing to the so-popular Ken Livingston – who introduced congestion charging to London and, as it happens, has been outspoken and influential in his opposition to BAA.