If I were a betting man (again)

I blogged previously about this company, and am pleased to see it’s getting more coverage…

If you were hunting for the future of solar power, Wales might not seem the most obvious place to look. Yet in a factory in Cardiff, technology that could finally harness the energy of the sun in an affordable way is quietly rolling off the production line. Such claims may sound familiar. Advocates have talked of the potential of solar power to offer clean and green energy for years, yet the technology has remained stubbornly on the fringes. One reason is the cost. Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels to provide an average home with electricity will set you back about £10,000 to £18,000.

Now those behind the Welsh operation think they may have made a crucial breakthrough. Their solar cell works in a different way from most, and is not based on silicon – the expensive raw material for conventional solar cells. G24 Innovations (G24i), the company making the new cells, says it can produce and sell them for about a fifth of the price of silicon-based versions.

– from the article titled ‘Solar Power – In the Rain‘ in today’s Guardian.


2 Responses to “If I were a betting man (again)”

  1. fight4 solar panel Says:

    Something I find slightly comical is how so many people will say that it isn’t worth it to add

    solar energy to your home because it takes too long for the system to “pay itself off”. If you

    save up the money and have a system installed you suddenly have a tiny utility bill, if any

    bill at all. To me it’s a simple cash-flow equation.

  2. drfrank Says:

    Hi fight4solar panel, Thanks for stopping by. I’d love to hear more about your experience; have you installed a solar array? where do you live and what kind of location, climate etc is it? what do you require your energy for? Best wishes, drfrank

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