Thank goodness

There is now clear scientific evidence that solar radiation is not the cause of global warming. This will hopefully herald a change in the media’s approach to spinning the story; i.e. ratcheting up storylines about what needs to be done, what can be done, what is being done, and making clear connections between local action (including political lobbying/voting) and global outcomes. Related to this, in a previous post, I heralded Rupert Murdoch’s apparent commitment to making his company carbon neutral. However, there may still be a change of heart needed by his employees – or a change of employees…

Via DeSmog blog.


One Response to “Thank goodness”

  1. picturepost Says:

    Interesting post, thanks. I always amazed by the continuing efforts of the junk science lobby sponsored by Exxon et al. Monbiot’s ‘Heat’ is quite a good read on that front.

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