Perelandra here we come

C S Lewis’ 1943 novel set in an ocean world could well have had it right. In contrast to the IPCC’s prediction that seas might rise by fifty nine centimetres this century with the ice caps melting, James Hansen et al — reputable authors of the article to which I referred previously — suggest seas could rise by as much as twenty five metres (c. seventy five feet); the scientifically-minded can find the original here.

So. If building a new house, consider stilts with release catches and floatation devices as foundations. Sign my petition to apologise to the Iraqi people first. Forget about buying an iPhone, which is sleek and space age but expensive, comes with critical iFlaws, isn’t so revolutionary, and will reinforce the dynamics of relative deprivation; i.e. not to be used on open streets or, for that matter, in front of anyone else. And lobby your nearest Chinese official about cover ups of the kinds of rattling statistics on pollution-cased deaths that were edited out of a recent World Bank report.

For a relatively hopeful perspective on avoiding the ocean world scenario — by one of the world’s foremost hell-and-high-waters-are-nigh environmentalists, George Monbiot — read here.


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