Strategic steps to sustainability

J. Porritt, the UK’s Sustainable Development Commission Chairman (etc.), lists the flights he’s taken over the last twelve months. I think his rationale is probably right, implying that how one defines one’s purposes (which inform strategies on how to achieve them) is critical:

I have spent 35 years getting quite good at articulating this sustainability stuff and (hopefully) inspiring others to get things sorted out themselves. I am nearly 57 years old now, and have decided to just ‘go for it’ for the next three years, to help press every (influential) button I can during that time. So, once I have judged that an opportunity is worth pursuing (strategically), then how I get there is a secondary – albeit still very important – issue.

Someone then has to discriminate between different sets of purpose, and interest groups, evaluating which are the more appropriate, and worthy of investment / funding / incentivising / privileging etc. Enter the politician… Am curious what will come of Porritt’s newfound opportunism, which has possibly been inspired by the reception to Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth. Will Porritt go back into politics, or is he being more effective flying here and there? (I wonder whether he’s finally found the right methodology to evaluate this one, perchance.)


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