On this one, I’ll be a betting man

Here’s a company worth investing in and watching – G24i. Its president has just written in the BBC’s so-called Green Room:

Consider this: the Energy Savings Trust estimates that mobile phone chargers left plugged in waste over £60m and are responsible for a quarter of a million tonnes of CO2 in the UK every year. Now consider the fact that all it would take to wipe out these emissions would be the introduction of a small photovoltaic device to replace each charger – one which is flexible, durable, cheap to produce and, crucially, works in ambient (indoor) light. This is not a pipe-dream. I know because my own business, G24 Innovations, has just built a factory in Cardiff to manufacture this technological breakthrough in solar cells on a large scale.

And I’m pleased to say his company’s website allays one of my big concerns (i.e. how are renewable technologies going to be produced in their requisite quantities when fossil fuel prices skyrocket, and reserves are depleted?); its factory runs entirely on renewables.


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