A (the?) big one

Interesting post by Ray Ison on fundamentalism, which he suggests operates in both scientific and religious spheres as a way of evading responsibility. This is rather a, if not the, big and hot potato. It’s one that makes my earlobes begin to twitch, what with my history as an undergraduate theologian who studied the relationship between science and religion. I’m happy letting that conversation run on without me for the time being, though. But it’s a potentially good one nonetheless.


One Response to “A (the?) big one”

  1. Memo to Prof. Richard Dawkins: example of good-humoured toleration « Sumptuous World Says:

    […] glad to have had the opportunity to blog about this, having concertedly side-stepped the issue (of fundamentalism in both science and religion) before. (Of course, the indivisibility of each […]

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