Getting wired

This morning I exchanged my Darth-Vader-like wireless broadband router for a sleek, wired router, which most would say is a regressive step.

This is in response to concerns that wireless technologies harm children, teachers and those constitutionally more vulnerable – and bee populations, thus threatening a variety of crops that depend on them for pollination. Such concerns are not stopping the headlong rush of local councils to enable whole cities – such as Norwich near where my parents live – and streets – such as Upper Street in Islington near where I live – to become wireless, ‘wifi hotspots’. A wifi hotspot enables anyone with a laptop to log on whilst sipping espressos at cafe tables in the noonday sun. Sounds good, yes? Until you realise your brain is subtly frying away into oblivion. I have been feeling a little nauseous from using wifi in my flat.

Incidentally, my former boss installed one in my former office, which probably explains the slightly scrambled perceptions of my former colleagues… but that’s another story.

Update 20.7.07

It seems the idea that mobile phones have been causing the bees’ colony collapse disorder may have been an urban myth.


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