Resistance is not futile

Being the satisfied owner of a Gillette Contour Plus double-bladed razor, I have found the new triple-bladed razors that have been bursting onto the market over the past couple of years to be very gimmicky. A single blade is enough, a double provides a good smooth shave, but a triple??

It’s with some annoyance, then, that I have found that neither my three local supermarkets nor two local pharmacies any longer stock the Contour Plus double-blade refills. My search continued today, when I stopped into another pharmacy that ‒ alleluia ‒ had a stash hidden towards the back of the shop! The pharmacist said his stockist is running low, which I could well believe. So I bought the lot, which, at £6.05 for a pack of 10, is steep. I can imagine the powers that be at Proctor & Gamble deciding to pull the plug on their production before too long, if they haven’t done so already, forcing a ‘hardware upgrade’. (This is called planned, or built-in, obsolescence.) They’ll then, no doubt, demand ever-more silly prices for the dwindling old stock. Maybe I should keep one pack back to be the last seller on eBay…

This is like stockpiling in advance of the ‘end of days’. Maybe I’ll try buying my blades online from now on. Or I’ll revert to letting my facial hair down. Resistance is not futile. Yes, I did once have a beard. A big ginger bushy number. I’ll show you the picture if you ask nicely. Really.

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