Opening the ‘good’ book

I like this skit, even if it’s not hilarious. It shows me that the human capacity for being flummoxed, by what for others might be second nature, has never changed. The best teachers could be those who hang around, who imagine what it’s like to use their students’ hands and to see through their students’ eyes, and to create the contexts in which new possibilities can be experienced. Patience is a virtue, and when it comes to dealing with the less experienced, so is sympathy. As students, we really don’t know what we don’t know until we’re fortunate for something or someone gracefully to appear and lead us on… (In case it’s not immediately obvious, this skit is a commentary on grappling with new computer technology.)

If they brought anything worthwhile into the world, then maybe Buddha brought in the idea of putting things into perspective and Christ brought in the idea of what healing and forgiveness might mean; and, probably, each of these ideas are related. But I’m no expert. Video from John Naughton’s blog.


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