A part of and apart from it…

I mentioned in an earlier post that I have been clearing space for art-work. Here’s my ‘studio’, with three unfinished paintings on easels, a spray diagram on the wall and, on the floor, a doctored photograph sandwiched between two pieces of glass. I wonder what this place of potential creativity has in store…

Alongside the photograph is a piece of paper, printed on with the question whether we humans are both a part of and apart from the universe* simultaneously. This question is one that’s been rattling in and around my mind for a good while. It’s one that must also have inspired The Company of Storytellers to create their piece, I become a part of it.

*This dichotomy is based on Heinz von Foerster’s question as to whether we are a part of or apart from the universe; von Foerster was influential as a cybernetician and philosopher of science. I am suggesting that the answer lies somewhat paradoxically in both simultaneously.


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