Where the sea meets the land…

Here may be a graphic artist (with a fairly dystopian imagination, I might add) of the future ‒ did you know squids are considered more advanced than homo sapiens and have four brains? Such claims of more advanced evolution seem to be made for a number of sea creatures, for example also dolphins. This makes sense given that, I imagine, evolution has been going on longer in the aquatic than on the terric, if there’s such a word (I suspect not, but there should be); all life on earth originally evolved out of the sea. Sigh.

… As it happens, there’s a type of squid called a firefly squid that glows in the dark! (Listen out for the great, gurgling sounds of the sea, with the waves plunging against the shore.)

2 Responses to “Where the sea meets the land…”

  1. Jeffrey Miranda's Art Says:

    Please do help! I’m kinda of new at this.

  2. Jeffrey Miranda's Art Says:

    The other time I was thinking, that if we human are evolving with technology and space, well what about plants.

    Maybe in the future plants will us computers to reproduce, move, or whatever.

    What do you think?

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