Mysteries of our time

One of the interesting things about blogging is that it stimulates much more personalised networked information sharing. So instead of encountering information from a nameless, faceless source, one can chance upon it by visiting the blog of someone you know. As such, the information can appear richer, because it has a more meaningful context.

It’s with some satisfaction, then, that I finally came across video footage of some of George Bush’s famous gaffes, courtesy of my brother, who later felt guilty about posting it onto his blog. My brother was concerned about the possibility of the video, which clearly makes a mockery of US politics, fanning the flames of anti-Americanism:

I assume my brother’s concern hinges on the debate about the role that tv, cinema and video in general play in society. The debate was topping last night’s news, for example on BBC’s Question Time, in relation to the question of whether news outlets should broadcast the Virginia campus spree-killer’s self-portraits. Ed Milliband, incidentally, thought the footage was in the public interest. Hmm, sounds like a minister supporting his government’s push to incarcerate those deemed potentially violent… Aren’t we all, given the circumstances? And yes, these circumstances inevitably must include the ‘virtual’.

Back to the Bush video, I’m more interested in what kinds of conversational dynamic are engendered with this president, sitting in his Oval Office, administering the world’s current sole superpower. Maybe he is much more intelligible and confident behind closed doors, which I doubt. We’ll probably never know. Herein lies another of the great mysteries of our time.


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