The joys of Spring… and a new kitchen

The afternoon sun, floating through the new leaves and my windows, makes me hum just how right I was to choose that colour for my kitchen cabinets…


4 Responses to “The joys of Spring… and a new kitchen”

  1. Chris Seeley Says:

    Well, that looks like a pleasant kitchen, 2b. And on a completely different note, I just read Terrapsychology…. which I found interesting, not fabulously well written, but interesting. Have you tried Bill McKibben’s Deep Economy yet?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The green cupboards are indeed radiant however I’m not so sure the light falls so beautifully on the brown tablecloth – try for something more in keeping with spring and your cupboards.

  3. Karen Says:

    Another beautiful photo. Oh the freshness of spring…. How about replaceable cupboard doors for different seasons?

  4. Kitchen apple « Sumptuous World Says:

    […] little to dance with joy about regarding its kitchen, save the light, airy space (for an idea, see here). So I set to the drawing board with a little help, arrived at a scheme, and had it completed just […]

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