Light at the Home Office

I spent an enjoyable extended lunch at the Home Office today, with Dr Rae Sibbitt, whom Karen Shipp at the Open University put me in touch with. As I hung around outside its main entrance, before going to the reception to pick up my security pass, I noticed the water feature. Rainbows are created by waist-high prisms, so I whipped out my camera phone. Just as I was taking the picture, who should fit neatly into the frame but the Rt Hon Ruth Kelly, the UK’s former Secretary of State for Education and now for ‘Communities and Local Government and Minister for Women’.

No doubt, this was one of those rare photographic moments that’s just meant to be.

As an aside, Dr Sibbitt and I discovered a shared interest in prison-environment design, but that’s another story. All very interesting.


4 Responses to “Light at the Home Office”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ruth is looking in confident mood

  2. KAren Says:

    Super-duper photo, (but Ruth looks like a tourist).

  3. Mark Meynell Says:

    good shot!

  4. Laughable politics - Heathrow airport to expand so as ‘to prevent’ global warming « Sumptuous World Says:

    […] Ruth Kelly most definitely no longer shines a light for the home […]

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